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  • 22.09.2015 Over £21.5 million given out in loans since 2002
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Annual report 2014 Page 3

Chairpersons Report

October 2012 to September 2013

I am more than happy to put together another annual report on behalf of the Board which once again demonstrates the amount of work and change that the Board have been involved in over the last fiscal year of the Credit Union.

The year has seen a significant change in the Credit Union due to foundations laid down by the Board and staff over a couple of years coming to fruition.

The Board have become far more efficient at holding the organisation to account whilst still being supportive. This is not always easy because the Board need to be challenging and inquisitorial but must carry out that role in a non-confrontational way.

We have also been successful this year by inviting and achieving Halton Housing Trust to become a Corporate Member of the Credit Union. This has been a great success and the member of staff from the Trust has certainly added value to our Boards skills and abilities.

The Board itself has attracted four new Board members who, between them, have brought new eyes and new questions to what we do and why we do it. This has led to changes in working practises that in the long run benefit members and the services to our members.

What we do as a Credit Union, does it make a difference?
Yes, we believe it does. Making a difference is one of the main objectives of this Credit Union, and we go some way to achieving that.
Damian Parkinson. Vice-Chair.

We have continued to grow in membership and that has increased growth in the loans we are making which has allowed the Board to consider a dividend, which is where we really wish to be. Rewarding our customers for their continued use of our services.

We have appointed two new members of staff who have fitted in really well. The workforce, supported by our incredible volunteers need to be recognised as they are the ones implementing changes whist still carrying out their own day to day jobs. Not an easy task. A big thank you.

Finally I wish to mention one more thing and that this last year has been the first year where this Credit Union has managed without any form of grant funding which means that we have become sustainable. This is remarkable considering the economic climate we are in but it goes to show that the policies and procedures that we have implemented over the past few years are the right ones and they are paying off.

Michael Gelling OBE
February 2014
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