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Synopsis of the Results from HCU’s Annual Member Survey 2017

300 questionnaires were distributed to the Widnes Queens Ave Shop and 300 to the Main Office in Runcorn Shopping City. Out of 600 survey questionnaires, we received a return of 587 (97.8%)

The overall outcome was that our members are extremely satisfied with the overall service Halton Credit Union provides and the majority would recommend us to others. 

Actual figures/percentages are as follows:

Q1. How happy are you with the service that Halton Credit Union provides?

  • 536 members are Extremely Happy (89.3%)
  • 51 members are Happy (8.5%)

Q2. Is there a way we can improve our service to you?

  • 540 members would make no improvements/changes to improve the service (90%)
  • 47 members would like to see the following changes (7.8%) - Shown in table below


  • Payments by debit card
  • Card payments
  • Online payments
  • (To member) same day withdrawals


  • Extended opening times for those that work Open Saturdays and Wednesdays Out of hours opening - evenings


  • Collection point in Widnes town centre Collection point in Runcorn old town More branches


  • Better online access
  • Update website accounts quicker
  • Ensure online facility working
  • Always website account issues
  • Never get an up to date balance online


  • More online services
  • Easier website
  • Online payments
  • Online withdrawals
  • Less paper forms – do more online
  • Get online statements
  • More internet banking so not having to come in to sign


  • Bigger loans
  • More staff
  • Weighing machines so staff don’t have to count
  • Increase/better phone access
  • Someone to answer phones so more people on front
  • Answer machines on before 2pm

Q3. Has Halton Credit Union helped you in the past?

  • 372 said that HCU has helped them in the past although a lot of people left the question unanswered (62%).