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Tracey Done

Director & Marketing and Development Manager for Halton Credit Union

Since leaving university in 1998 I have worked in the voluntary sector as both a volunteer and an employee. Living locally I am familiar with the area as well as the needs of the borough from a grass roots perspective.  I also enjoy meeting people and engaging with the community. 

I have been employed by Halton Credit Union for over 17 years. In my current role as Marketing and Membership Development Manager my main responsibilities are: overseeing the Code of Governance, ensuring that HCU is compliant and that all organisational policies and procedures are active and up to date; the creation, implementation and management of HCU’s Membership Development Plan; general marketing, multi-media and promotional/informational literature.

As an NVQ Assessor and Administrator for the ABCUL Academy I will be responsible for all Staff, Volunteers and Board training sourcing learning modules for each individual and determining learning paths’ dependent on their role with the Credit Union.

In my free time I love to spend time with my friends and family and equally enjoy travelling, camping and attending festivals. 

My partner and I are also members of Pug Pride of Liverpool (a dog breed owner site for people and their pugs) we enjoy group walks, events and holidays – it’s so funny seeing dozens of portly pugs trundling around together, grunting as one big happy grumble!