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Junior Savers

Halton Credit Union offers Junior Savings Accounts, they're open to all under 16s who live within our common bond and can be opened by any family member, who is a member of Halton Credit Union.  Obviously our Junior savers can't borrow money, but they can have a great place to save.

It offers a way for you to save for your children or maybe grandchildren, there is no minimum saving amount.

It's easy to get signed up, just call in to one of our offices. 

Joining for our junior savers is free and they benefit from receiving half the percentage that our Adult members receive. In 2022 we paid 2% to our adults and our junior savers received 1% return, just for saving. 


To sign up a junior account, you must be a Halton Credit Union Adult member, this person will be known as the nominated signatory. 

A parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, guardian, etc can open an account for a junior member. 
Proof of the child must be provided, either a birth certificate or a letter from their school (addressed to Halton Credit Union, confirming the child)
You can also nominate a secord person to manage the account, in the event of you being unable, this person does not have to be a member of Halton Credit Union
You will be required to complete a Junior membership form
Halton Credit Unon will hold photographic evidence of the nominated signatory

Junior account holders are savers with Halton Credit Union, they are not shareholders and not eligble to vote. Junior Account holders are subject to the same money laundering controls as Adult Accounts