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Our People - Meet the Board of Directors

The organisation is led by a strong Board of Directors and by other volunteers who support the staffing structure.

To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of HCU, it is essential that the organisation is in a position to employ the staff needed as well as have the ability to devote time and energy on increasing the skills, confidence and self esteem of members, staff and volunteers. 

HCU now employs 14 local people – 8 of who were from our volunteer base.

The Board of Directors has responsibility for the overall policy and decision making, with financial responsibility for the organisation which consists of people who are all members of the Credit Union Movement in Halton with a wide range of management, personnel and financial skills. 

All new Directors have to attend an induction where they will receive a copy of their new job description, code of conduct, commitment statement and the ABCUL training papers which show what is expected from a Board member.  Mandatory Director training for those already on the Board will take place every 3 years.