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Why Choose Us?

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Halton Credit Union Ltd (HCU) is located in Runcorn and Widnes but serves the whole Halton area.

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

We are committed to protecting privacy and require mandatory information for members to meet legal obligations.


Halton Credit Union wants to encourage a community where those living in poverty have reason to be positive, have higher aspirations and are optimistic that these aspirations can be achieved.


This will be achieved by the promotion of thrift, the encouragement of budgeting, the use and control of savings as well as making sources of affordable credit available.


Through information and education in the wise use of money, HCU enables members to make informed choices.

Let's get in touch

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115-116 Halton Link Rd, Runcorn WA7 2BY
01928 790571