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Everybody benefits from having savings.


It allows us to work towards our financial goals, a well needed holiday; a planned event such as a wedding or a new expensive item such as a TV; laptop or mobile phone.


It establishes financial well being. Savings can give us peace of mind when an unexpected or an unplanned emergency arises especially when we least expect it.

Access affordable credit

It enables us to access affordable credit in times of need. With Halton Credit Union every £1.00 saved is worth £2.00 in your loan account.


Credit Unions offer the redistribution of wealth and to have a fair society people should have the same opportunities as others. Halton Credit Union recognises this, and with its fair ethical values HCU benefits the wider community by offering an accessible means of saving and affordable credit for all. So when you’re saving with us there is the added bonus of knowing that your savings are being used to make loans to other members... members just like you!

It’s so easy to save with HCU

  • Click here for Location Map or Click here for Opening Times,

  • Call in to set up a Standing Order,

  • Make an appointment and set up payment via your Child Benefit,

  • Log into your account online to check your balances at your convenience.

Your Savings Are Fully Protected

All member savings are fully protected by the Financial Savings Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to the value of £85,000 which means that your savings are 100% protected with HCU.

Dividend Payout – A Return On Your Savings

Subject to a business surplus, it would be announced at the AGM if it would be suitable for a dividend to be paid out to all members. A dividend is the return on your shares and it is paid by HCU out of surplus. Therefore, the more shares you have saved with us the greater the dividend you will receive. Every share you hold with the credit union (every £1 saved) for the year is eligible for a dividend when declared at the AGM. This year (2017) HCU paid out a dividend of 2.5%, continuing its proud record of rewarding savers with an increasing dividend every year since 2013.

Free Life Savings Assurance

HCU offers a policy which is aimed at making the lives of families & next of kin easier in event of a members’ death. This means of helping to relieve the financial burden at such a sad time is at no cost to member - T&C’s may apply, but generally, any outstanding loan that the deceased owed will be paid off by insurance and any shares (savings) will be DOUBLED. Therefore the more money you have saved in your shares the bigger the amount that will be left for loved ones.

The Joys Of Christmas

Why pay all year for vouchers which restrict you to certain shops or order hampers that include food stuff that no one eats.... when HCU now offers members the opportunity to spread the cost of Christmas in a lockable Christmas Account – no loan is available on these savings but regular saving throughout the year will give you a lump sum which allows you to choose where to shop and what to buy. Payout is automatic via BAC’s transfer into a nominated bank account on the first working day in December. Click here for further details

The Joys of Christmas

Withdrawing Savings

To withdraw your shares (savings) you must make a share withdrawal application, in person, at one of our Main Offices during Opening Hours. All share withdrawals will be transferred by BAC’s into a bank of your choice the next working day.


With Halton Credit Union you can regularly save at a level affordable to you on a weekly; fortnightly; 4-weekly or monthly basis by any of the methods aforementioned.

Here is a table to show how quickly a small amount saved each week can grow over a period of time:

Weekly Savings Table:

Amount Saved






Year 1






Year 2






Year 3







AND REMEMBER... When you save with Halton Credit Union

“You’re not just another customer, but an active member of a successful financial co-operative which provides security and protection for your savings”.