Christmas Information

Our offices will close on the 21st December for the Christmas break, we will be open to accept cash payments on Friday 28th December 2018, from 10am - 12noon, at both our Runcorn and Queens Avenue, Widnes branches. Please be aware, that we will not accept any loan or share withdrawal applications on this date.

We will reopen on Thursday 3rd January 2019, as per our usual opening hours.

Any expected Child Benefit payments will be sent out on the day we receive them. Back Payments will be sent on our next working day. 


Synopsis of the Results from HCU’s Annual Member Survey 2017

300 questionnaires were distributed to the Widnes Queens Ave Shop and 300 to the Main Office in Runcorn Shopping City. Out of 600 survey questionnaires – we received a return of 587 (97.8%)

The overall outcome was that our members are extremely satisfied with the overall service Halton Credit Union provides and the majority would recommend us to others. 

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How happy are you with the service that Halton Credit Union provides? 97.8%
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Has Halton Credit Union helped you in the past? 62%
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Would you recommend Halton Credit Union to others? 97.8%
Are you to use a HCU office in Widnes town centre? 57.8%

Annual Survey Results

Here are the results of our annual Members survey.

Members survey


£500.00 Loan

Repaid over one year

£11 weekly or
£48 monthly

APR 19.6%*

Total Amount Repayable £553.23

*Correct as at 16/01/2018

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£500.00 Loan

Repaid over one year

£18 weekly or
£78 monthly

APR 299.3%*

Total Amount Repayable £936.00

*Correct as at 16/01/2018

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£500 Loan

Repaid in six months

£34 weekly or
£147.36 monthly

APR 1086%*

Total Amount Repayable £884.18

*Correct as at 16/01/2018

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Our People - Meet the Board of Directors

The organisation is led by a strong Board of Directors and by other volunteers who support the staffing structure.

Our Visions & Aims

Halton Credit Union wants to encourage a community where those living in poverty have reason to be positive, have higher aspirations are optimistic that these aspirations can be achieved.

Our Principles And Values


HCU is a transparent organisation which upholds the foundational principles of openness; trust; fairness and mutuality. We are a financial co-operative which is owned and controlled by our members who ALL have an equal say in the development of our policies. One member equals one vote, regardless of how much or how little they have saved with us.

Our Stakeholders

Nolan Principles

Treating Customers Fairly

We have offices in Runcorn and Widnes. 

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