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Christmas Club

As magical and wonderful Christmas is, it can be very expensive. There are many options that can allow you to save for Christmas, many of of them, lock you in to spending with certrain stores or receiving items that you're not really interested in, because they're bundled with the things you do want. 

The expense can lead to a lot of stress and worry over having enough to buy your loved ones the gifts you want to. 

Halton Credit Union listened to our members who wanted a place to save for Christmas without being able to withdraw it until an agreed time. Thus begun our Christmas Club. Once signed up to the Christmas Club, you can begin saving, the funds are locked in, until the end of November/Beginning of December. We always announce on our Facebook page when this will be, it is usually either the last week of November or the first in December. 

Paying into the Christmas Club by Standing Order:
You must complete one of our Standing Order Forms (available at either Main Office) which will instruct your bank to transfer funds to Halton Credit Union into your Christmas Club Account.
If you have funds back to yourself on a regular basis (share 3) your Christmas Club will be paid into the same account.

 PLEASE NOTE: Any Standing Order that is set up by you, is an agreement between YOU and YOUR BANK - HCU has no control over any instruction/s that you have given.  It is not a Direct Debit mandate and we CANNOT take money from your account, you send it to us via your bank account. Only you can alter the amount and/or stop the payment instruction. Therefore, if you wish to change the amount you deposit at any time you will need to instruct your bank as we cannot do this for you.

Please remember that HCU Christmas Club will continue year-on-year so payments taken after the payout date will start the next years account unless you let us know beforehand. You can cancel payments into this account at anytime, however withdrawal will not be accepted until the month of maturity.


The Benefit of Saving

Saving on a regular basis, can soon build up and help in the long term. Whether it be saving for something special, like Christmas or holidays, or just putting a little aside for a rainy day. 

Saving with Halton Credit Union, can be a great benefit, it also opens up access to Share Based Loans, if saved in Share 1 

Savings per week £1 £2 £5 £10 £20
1 Year £52 £104 £260 £520 £1040
2 Years £104 £208 £520 £1040 £2080
3 Years £156 £312 £780 £1560 £3120
4 Years £208 £416 £1040 £2080 £4160