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Halton Credit Union Covers the whole cost of this benefit to members aged between 16 and 79 years.

Halton Credit Union offers a policy which is aimed at making the lives of your family and next of kin easier in event of your death by providing members with a non-contributory life insurance scheme.

This means of helping relieve the financial burden to your loved ones at such a sad time is at no cost to you!

Please ensure your nominee information is up to date.

Please note Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) may apply, but generally, any outstanding loan that the deceased member owes will be paid off by the insurance company and any shares (savings) may be DOUBLED.

Therefore this another great reason to save with HCU - the more money you have saved in your shares the bigger the amount you will leave for loved ones.

In The Event Of a Members Death: 

Life savings insurance

For savings, insurances is paid on deposits held on the day the members pass away. (terms and conditions apply - see below)

If Members attained age on 
date of death

The Amount of benefit
is equal to

16 to 64 100%
64 to 79 25%
80 plus Insurance not available


Please Note:  (Please ask in store for the full terms and conditions, some are listed below)

  • This insurance is subject to a six months pre-existing condition limitation.
  • The maximum level of cover is £5,000 (e.g. £5,000 savings doubled to £10,000).
  • Member must be actively using Halton Credit Union
  • Member must not be in arrears
  • Insurance claim must be made within two years of death
  • Personal information MUST be correct
  • Member must be within the age limits
  • A Death Certificate must be presented
  • A Pre-existing condition Limitation - this will reduce or prevent the payment of insurance if a members death results from an illness or injury for which they received medical advice, consultation or treatment within the six month period prior to death.