The Benefits of a Halton Credit Union Loan

  • HCU offers very competitive rates of interest on personal loans of up to a maximum of £2500* and are happy to offer much smaller amounts. 
  • Interest is charged on the reducing balance of the loan. This is important if you want to repay your loan weekly rather than monthly, as you'll pay less interest overall.
  • When you borrow from HCU, you can pay back loans through various channels. These include cash at local offices or collection points; straight from your wages through payroll deduction (if your employer agrees); direct from your Child Benefit; from your bank account by standing order. 
  • All HCU loans come with no hidden charges and no penalties for repaying the loan early.
  • When someone borrows from us, they are encouraged to save too, meaning that by the time they finish repaying the loan, their savings will have grown as well. 

*PLEASE NOTE: The amount you are able to borrow from HCU goes up in stages – the first loan being up to £500 and the current maximum loan being £2500 – See HCU Loan Policy for further details. 

Halton Credit Union Loan Products:
HCU provides three loan products to members: